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Subject:  Re: Feedback on small Portfolio Date:  9/6/2007  10:06 PM
Author:  Mattzor Number:  6138 of 6186

Thanks for the advice Jeff. You make some very good points about the miners. I think the Chinese boom will last for a while longer. They still have a long way to grow. Well, I think they will have a recession then will continue growing on their merry way, but anyway, my opinions on China don't really matter.

I'm also less concerned about BHP running out of fuel. At least in my lifetime. 'Experts' have been saying we will run out of oil for 100 years but what a lot of people don't know is that petrocarbons are very common. It's crude oil that's not AS common. The cost of operations will jump, but they will go on. I never even thought about it in that way, for either miner. I guess I need a little more lateral thinking in my research.

As for Macquarrie, MOF own mainly own office building in major cities. They are managed by other members of the macquarie group. MOF is tend to just be allocators of capital. I trust Macquarie over the long term, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon and have a proven track record.

As I said, I was fortunate that the book value jumped by 13% soon after I bought.

I really wish I had learned more about investing in property trusts before I bought. I was too eager to buy so I bought above book value. The dividend yield was still 8% though so it's not going to be a costly mistake. These days I too would never buy at book value, but oh well, you live you learn.

Thanks again.

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