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Subject:  Confession time Date:  9/13/2007  4:25 AM
Author:  ptheland Number:  8562 of 11875

OK. I'll admit it. I've taken too long to drive home the last several evenings. The reason? A nice little bit of road. And I just had to find the right line through it.

It's bugged me for years. It's really just a right and left turn, with the exit of the right overlapping the entrance to the left. So they really flow as a unit.

And I've never really found a good line through them. My tendency was always to end the right turn well to the left. But that made getting into the left turn really uncomfortable. I'd keep turning to get back to the right side of the roadway, but before I was in the spot I wanted, it was time to make the turn into the left. It just felt wrong.

And then last week it hit me. Make the apex on the initial right late - no later than that - and eventually so late that I'm ending the right turn on the RIGHT side of the road. That seems so wrong. But it left me in the perfect spot for the bend to the left.

And that was it! All of a sudden the turns were smooth and balanced. I could accelerate away from the apex of the first right hander. There was room to brake before turning in to the left hander.

So now on my way home, I love this pair of turns. And if there's other traffic in the way I find myself going back around and doing it again. Just for the fun of finally doing the turns right.

I don't care that it's really just an offramp from the freeway. And the fact that I'm driving this in a <whisper> mini-van </whisper> isn't important any more. It's 10 seconds of joy that makes the 30 minutes of driving to get there worth-while.

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