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Subject:  Re: Reason #37 to want to FIRE Date:  10/13/2007  1:16 PM
Author:  FoolNBlue Number:  4436 of 5253

Your manager wants you to come in next Monday when you are supposed to be out of town on vacation. Never mind that said manager requested, with great urgency, to have your vacation schedule 8 months ago and you provided it at the time. Of course, it does not help that they have not hired anyone else that could potentially provide backup.

Hear, hear. I will be on a plane tomorrow flying to a last minute meeting of questionable purpose (meaning I don't exactly know what the purpose is) that I am supposed to "chair." I found out Tuesday and spent most of the weekend just trying to find out where to go when I get off the plane. As to cancelling vacation, I've done that twice this year; once involving selling an event ticket at a loss (I should be able to recoup the difference from my travel reimbursement if I eat cheap while out of town). The best part is taking crap for having all this unused leave and comptime on the books while busting my butt. 2007 is not the year of the sloth.

Sure stokes the FIRE though.

FoolNBlue (Knows FIRE can't come soon enough)
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