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Subject:  Re: Others with un-retirement? Your ratio? Date:  10/13/2007  10:28 PM
Author:  Imaginistics Number:  1116 of 1911

I withdrew 0%

Rad, the definition given was

your net worth divided by your [first year's annual living expenses,

In other words, if you retired on Dec 31 2005, take that day's net worth and dividing by annual living expenses at the time. Another simpler way of saying it is "how many years' worth of expenses" but I avoid that since it's misleading as living expenses are not a constant..

So the question is, the day one took the Big Plunge and retired, if you take your annual living expenses (whatever they were that year), how many times that was the net worth?

So it doesn't matter if you withdrew 0%. If your net worth the day you retired was (to use Doug's numbers) was 500K and your annual expenses
were 25k, then your ratio was still 20 just as Doug said.

(Here "Expenses" means what's left over after pension, annuity, ssa, etc if any, which needs to be covered by one's savings)

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