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Subject:  Re: Others with un-retirement? Your ratio? Date:  10/15/2007  6:22 PM
Author:  Imaginistics Number:  1127 of 1911

Thanks clrodrick.. I guess that makes your ratio 1 / 0.035 or about
a little bit more than 28.5..even higher than the recommendations,
is what you're aiming for savings to annual expenses for the year you plan to retire..I'm aiming for as high a ratio as I can get..

I may only have $22 or $23 or so of networth for every $1 of annual expenses the year I stop FT employment..but I'll probably be like many others here: part time work, and if I can meet my expenses (or most of them) for say 5 or more years, then if investments grow at 8%+ per year and inflation is less, then the ratio should be higher over time, so long as I'm breaking even (or close to) with partime jobs initially..

As for healthcare, that's the biggest question mark, especially if you're among those of us on this board who live in the U.S. where it's tied to employment (skip soapbox about "unlike EU, unlike Japan, Canada, and the rest of the western industrizlied world" here..) But if you're relatively healthy, there's always high deductible policies for individuals which run not much more than $100 per month, if a few thousand dollars is the annual deductible..will be looking into those as a way of protecting against financial catastrophe but covering out of pocket
the more basic care, occasional doctors appointments, etc. Some plans, I understand, also give you the negotiated rates so even for the part you do pay out of pocket, say blood tests, you pay the nego. rate, which is often much lower than the astronomical charges they will charge "a person who just walked in off the street" for the lab tests.

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