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Subject:  Re: Others with un-retirement? Your ratio? Date:  10/15/2007  9:16 PM
Author:  workwayless Number:  1128 of 1911

I am age 52 and I unretired back in 2005. However I didn't un-retire because of unfavorable ratio. I had been making 4% withdrawals and my nest egg was not in danger of running out.

The reason I went back to work is that I wanted to increase my annual withdrawals at a sustainable rate for my nest egg. You see I had retired early on a "barebones" budget--with the thought that I would work just enough to bring pay for discretionary spending. From a financial standpoint I was successful at this. However I found that some of my money-making/saving schemes were just as stressful as my ole "9-5" profession--for a lot less financial return! So while I was still young and able, I decided to go back to work fulltime to increase the nest egg. I also promised myself that I would maintain a good work-life balance this go-round. So far I have been able to keep that promise to myself. I have even had to quit and turn down jobs in order to keep that promise.

My ratio when I retired was 21% on a "barebones" budget. Now I am at 23% using an expense amount that is easier to live on. I didn't include in Social security in either calcualtion--if I did the ratio would be higher.

Before I retired, I was racing to retire by any means possible. The approach I am taking now is more balanced, feels like a good compromise and currently works for me.
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