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Subject:  Re: Financial Planners Date:  11/1/2007  9:44 AM
Author:  Bobretired Number:  59960 of 102398


Thank you for your response. We pay a monthly fee, however, we pay one fee rate plus transaction costs for one set of funds (funds that are managed for stocks, bonds and treasury notes) and we pay another rate for for the same types of securities in a more conservative mutal fund they developed after we were with them for about one year. The conservative fund allows them to charge their monthly fee and charge expenses (?) to this fund. Expenses to fund are @ 1.7%.

When we first signed on with these people, we were under the impression that we would pay a 1.2% fee for managing and distributing our portfolio. Things changed and we don't like it. The rates are higher for both managed and conservative fund management and the transaction costs continue. I am convinced everything is on the up and up, however, the fine print and the mailing of the prospectus for the mutual fund has them protected, but we feel "bait and switch" victims.

When we check NAPFA, the list is endless. We have checked out some via e-mail and telephone, but I have no idea about their history, performance and also, a few require up front fees just to talk to them. We have scratched those people off our list. Is there some resource that I can check to see if these people are even profitable, past performance and how they compare to their peers? Comparing to their peers is a big one, however, we do not feel we have the skill sets to separate the wheat from the shaft.
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