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Subject:  Re: help in terms and questions Date:  11/8/2007  11:05 PM
Author:  CABob Number:  1947 of 2244

1. what does uptick mean?

The most recent sale of a stock was higher than the second most recent sale.

2. what does 'long on 'stock name' mean?

A normal purchase of a stock hoping that its price will grow. Being short on a stock is selling before you buy hoping the price will go down.

3. why is buying otc stocks not such a good thing in most professionals' opinion?

In general they are more risky for a number of reasons. One reason is that they do not have the reporting requirements that companies have that are on the major stock exchanges.

4. why is there no discussion of usat on the boards?

I don't know, but, probably because it is a thinly held stock and there are no Fools that have any interest or knowledge.

5. where do I go to give me an overview of how to invest, the short, sweet points that is very important to know when first starting out?

Have you looked at the Fools School at
After that just looking around the Fool site will produce a good education. Reading some good books on the subject will be helpful.

6. what does it mean for stockholders when company Q is bidding for A. What will happen to the stock in company A when Q buys A?

That's a pretty broad question for a brief answer, but, usually when a company want to buy another they set a dollar value on the company often experessed as a price per share. To make it acceptable the price per share is usually a little higher than the current market price. The stock price for the company to be acquired will usually rise to near the bid price and get closer as the time for action approaches. If and when the acquisition goes through the stock holder of the acquired company will be given cash, shares in the acquiring company, or a combination of both.

HTH, Bob
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