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Subject:  Re: Others with un-retirement? Your ratio? Date:  11/9/2007  3:24 AM
Author:  RetiredVermonter Number:  1170 of 1911


Ouch! That Blue Cross plan is awful -- but I'm not surprised. Those plans have increased a LOT annually. However, if you have health issues, you have no choice, I'm sure. (I'm sorry to hear of your wife's problems, by the way.) Our Blue Cross plan cost us $325/month several years ago. In 4 years it had more than doubled to $725/month (!), with an even larger deductible! Medicare and our AARP Medigap plan were a godsend, even if not "free". They now cost about $450/month for Medicare Part B for both of us plus the AARP Medigap plan, but there are now no huge deductibles, either!

No, we do not carry an Rx program, though we are both eligible to do so. Doing the math, there simply was absolutely no reason to do so, for either of us.

I'm slightly older than my wife, so I enrolled in the cheapest one I could find two years ago (Humana). My only prescriptions then (and now) have been for blood pressure, and the generic drugs still come to just about $13.00/month.

The one year I had Humana's plan, the plan I used COST about $13.00/month, covered the prescriptions, and had NO copay, so I figured it was a "wash" and enrolled. However, last year, they cheerily announced (with a booklet showing smiling and laughing people on the cover, for some reason!) that that plan was going up to about $23.00/month PLUS a $5 copay, so I would have been paying them $23.00 + $5.00 + $5.00 (two copays) = $33.00/month for $13.00 worth of meds!

I therefore went through the annoyance (and it was that) of writing to them to CANCEL me from the plan and refund money already withheld, which they eventually did. Since my wife still needs NO prescriptions, she never enrolled, either. We calculate that, between the two of us, we are saving about $43.00/month or more than $500/year right now by NOT having an Rx plan, and I'm sure that cost will go up in 2008.

Yes, I have been told, "You're gambling! What if you suddenly need prescriptions?" If so, I'll find the best plan and enroll, perhaps losing some cost that year.

When the time comes to enroll in Medicare and find a supplemental Medigap plan, please check around and see what is the best deal for YOU in YOUR STATE. They vary!

Good luck to you!

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