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Subject:  Re: Others with un-retirement? Your ratio? Date:  11/11/2007  6:06 PM
Author:  RetiredVermonter Number:  1180 of 1911


...there are also those who dream of being retired with free time on the hands to allow them to pursue whatever their hearts desire.

Right here, to name two of us!!!

Some of them realize when they retire, that retirement is not all its cracked up to be.

Ah, yes, but some find it just wonderful -- as do we, even now, several years later. FREEDOM! Freedom from jerkwater bosses, freedom from expensive commutes and all that wasted time out of one's "soul", as I called it, driving to and from work; freedom to do EVERY day pretty much WHAT you choose, IF you choose, and HOW you choose. Love it.

Work can be a source of pride, a fun thing to do, and a great social experience after you work side by side with people who become almost like family.

True. As professionals, we both felt that way, too, for most of our respective careers. However, came the time when the "bean counters" and "mental midget" bosses seemed to become predominant there, and it felt rather nice, actually, to me to be laid off with a settlement! I did some consulting for a year or two, but decided that was sort of not what I wanted any more, either. She, too, had reached a time when it was a relief to, mentally, at least, say "Take this job and shove it!"

Retirement can be quite a come down. That is why some do it in stages. Work part time for a while. Or even go back to work after retiring for a while.

Yes, for some. I doubt we'll ever get there. We still love being retired and free.

To each his own.

Yes -- THAT is the bottom line!

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