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Subject:  Re: Renting a car Date:  11/30/2007  3:56 PM
Author:  RetiredVermonter Number:  56835 of 73984

I don't know if this is in time, but I had an experience with some damage to a rental car 2 years ago and found out that VISA will protect you up to the limits of your deductible on your own insurance -- or at least they did then. I suggest you check VISA's web site to see if this is still true.

This story may help you:

We flew out to a western city and rented from a major car company. I declined the CDW. When we returned the car, their agent REFUSED to go out and look at the car with me, signed me off as PAID, took my VISA, and sent me on my way, so we caught our flight home.

Lesson #1: Check your car THOROUGHLY before you take it from the lot AND before you bring it back. Take photos of it if anything is seen.

Lesson #2: INSIST that the rental agent CHECK the car WITH you before you sign or leave. (We felt that he was a jerk for not doing that and raised hell with the car rental outfit over it later.)

When we got home, we had TWO phone messages from him and his supervisor telling us WE were responsible for a $300 "scratch" to a side panel on the car!

I won't bore you with the upsetting letters and calls and such that dragged out for the next few weeks. Suffice it to say my insurance had a $500 deductible so I had NO coverage there. However, a kind soul informed me that, if you use VISA, you can go to them and file forms within 30 days after the damage and they would pay!

I got the forms on line, called them, filled out and mailed the forms, etc., and, sure enough, very soon afterward, they sent a check for the $300 to the rental company -- and sent me a photocopy of the check! Finis!

Maybe other cards do this; I don't know, but I'd check with them or VISA just in case.

Good luck -- and enjoy the trip!!!

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