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Subject:  401k options Date:  12/7/2007  5:02 PM
Author:  obsidian7150 Number:  22721 of 26309

Hey, Fools!

As promised, here is email #2. Background recap: I have recently switched jobs and am working for a compnay that uses Fidelity to manage its 401k plans. So, most of my fund options are from Fidelity. I am 32 (as of Monday), have about $30k sitting in an old 401k that I am trying to decide on rolling over in to the new one, and am planning on investing 10% of my income (roughly 11k each year) into this new plan.

I am looking for a really aggressive portfolio and am not interested in index funds or bonds at this time. Taking those options out, here are the fund options that I have to choose from:

FCNTX -- Fidelity Contrafund
FDIVX -- Fidelity Diversified International Fund
FEQIX -- Fidelity Equity Income Fund
FDGRX -- Fidelity Growth Company Fun
FMCSX -- Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock Fund
RGAEX -- American Funds Groth Fund of America Fund
NAMAX -- Columbia Mid Cap Value Z Fund
RSPFX -- RS Partners Fund

FFFEX (Freedom Fund?)

To me, it looks like these skew toward large cap growth funds, and the other options don't seem that appealing. (That said, I work in communications, and numbers were never my strong suit.)

So...I'm really hoping that someone on the board has some thoughts about where I might allocate my investments. Again, goal is to be really aggressive and pay the least amount of fees.

Thanks, Fools!
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