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Subject:  Re: Any good books on creationism? Date:  12/31/2007  7:29 PM
Author:  pauls59 Number:  13227 of 27162

You consult Bronze Age texts for basic instruction on science!?

Please ask your dentist to do the same next time you go visit. Just sayin'.

My dentist doesn't use Bronze for filling teeth.

I think that it is Richard Dawkins, a man who rejects God, who prefers to trounce the Bible as "Bronze Age" writings. If you cannot accept God and choose to reject the faith, then science can only make sense if the Earth is old and everything evolved without any input from a Creator.

I see the Bible as Holy scripture. If the wrong attitude is taken when reading the Bible, it will never reveal anything to you. You won't even recognize that the "Bronze Age" characterization of the Bible is in fact wrong. Genesis was written in the Bronze Age, but the New Testament including the teaching of Jesus was written in a sophisticated society and it backs up many things written in the Old Testament.

God has not personally revealed himself to me in any tangible way. Some things have to be taken in faith. It has to be taken in faith that God created the earth. The Earth had to come from somewhere. You can believe it came from God or you can believe that there is no God and it somehow came from something else. How do you know which is right and which is wrong. It all lies where you place your faith. Personally I think my belief has made me a better person and I am grateful that I have the faith that I do. There are a great many others who have a faith in God like I do. You may think that God has done nothing to show who he is, but there is a strong record that he walked the Earth 2 thousand years ago and the significance of the Christian faith is a testament to it.

The science of origins is not an exclusive science only available to evolution, though evolutionists try to claim that it is. Science has advanced a great amount since the many decades that mainstream scientists started to accept evolution wholeheartedly. Now there are a growing number of creationist scientists who are making progress to show that this earth and all that is in it was created. Science should be open to new findings even though it has been decades since any ideas contrary to evolution were actively sought by mainstream science.

Decades ago it was standard practice to use toxic metals with dental fillings. Do you want your dentist to continue with that practice?


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