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Subject:  Re: Averagjoe for Feste Date:  1/12/2008  4:16 AM
Author:  MrPlunger Number:  3240 of 4296

Averagjoe (only two e’s) is outright the funniest guy at TMF. He’s a natural comic and he shares his fun with us, working hard to get even us straight-laced guys involved with his captions, puzzles (both always with a twist) and absolutely fantastic bonus puzzles.

Lately he’s really outdone himself, not just posting jokes, but orchestrating a change in character of the Humor board from “jokers’ board” to “joke board”, turning the whole board into a comedy sketch.

He’ll post a really funny item, knowing maybe one in a hundred might not like it. But that one in a hundred, or more often, some person who thinks some-one else might not like it, can’t find the “next” button on their computer! Nor the “ignore thread” button!! They can’t even find the “ignore poster” button!!!

So the poor poor Fool is forced to be subjected to an endless barrage of side-splittingly funny stuff … some of which they are in danger of not liking. Aaargh!! Help, get me out of this intolerable situation! So they go for the “Fool Alert” button. Phew, they found a button at last.

But … it doesn’t always work! Sometimes the Big Fools don’t agree that one-in-a-hundred might not like a particular post.

So AJ, being a sympathetic guy as well as funny guy, starts to link to the really funny stuff off board. Now the wannabe FA champion has to choose … hmm … deliberately link off to something off board that might be offensive … or try a bit harder to find that “next” button? But then oh dear … by clicking “next” the wannabe FA champion wouldn’t know quite how offensive the link was! Inquisitive minds just have to know … Ooooh! Yuk! How Naughty!!!

The dilemma is too much … what’s more the wannabe FA champions eventually begin to get this slightly uneasy feeling that maybe they are being played, maybe they are part of a game, maybe they are just muppets in AJ’s hands.

It is said that truth is stranger than fiction. You couldn’t make this up it’s so hilarious.

Three cheers and a Feste Award for AJ.
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