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Subject:  To Jonanthan E. Johnson III Re Press Release Date:  1/19/2008  10:53 PM
Author:  SamEAntar Number:  14883 of 18811's Press Release:

" has long been an advocate of prompt public disclosure of aggregate failure-to-deliver positions for every Regulation SHO threshold list company," said Jonathan Johnson, senior vice president of corporate affairs and legal."

If you are such an advocate of prompt disclosure by the SEC, why did take about a year to disclose Patrick Byrne's personal subpoena from the SEC?

On the subject of Patrick Byrne's personal subpoena, did he make a prompt disclosure to you?

How long did it take the audit committee to find out about Byrne's personal subpoena?

When was PricewaterhouseCoopers informed about Byrne's personal subpoena from the SEC?

If you plan on claiming that an earlier disclosure was not necessary, why was Byrne's personal subpoena disclosed at all, especially about a year later?

Start thinking Mr. Johnson, you will have a lot to answer for as the SEc continues their ongoing investigation of and the Copper River countersuit progresses.

Consider a likely future deposition from Copper River, too.

From experience watching depositions, lawyers make terrible witnesses.

Your boss, an admitted target of the SEC probe was quoted as saying, "I commend the SEC...."

Did you advise him to kiss up to the SEC?

Or did you explain to him that the SEC does not respond to kissing up from lying CEO's?

Perhaps you told Patrick, that kissing up at this point in time, is too little and too late?

The press release states, "Another disappointing aspect of the initiative is that the SEC notes that it "cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data."

Have you read the affidavits of the Director Defendants?

It seems that they cannot guarantee the accuracy of's financial disclosures too, as they point at PricewaterhouseCoopers as if the company's auditors ran accounting policy at your employer.

I doubt the Copper River's attorneys, the SEC, and especially a future jury will buy into their nonsense.

One last bit of advice from someone who has been there.

Watch the waistlines of the Director Defendants shrink as time goes on in the investigation and litigation.

Those butterflies they are getting as evidenced by their recent declarations shows me that will have no problem losing weight as the litigation and investigation progresses.

Have a good rest of this 3 day weekend, Mr. Lindsey.

Kindest regards,

Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO and a convicted felon)
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