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Subject:  Re: Email Message from Aj Date:  1/26/2008  8:48 PM
Author:  Ahote Number:  118617 of 190820

I didn't sign up for no 'f'<>in' family friendly site.

Actually you did.

This used to be an adult site

No it did not.

Whilst I'd be the last person to FA a post for obscenity, TMF has always had rules of propriety. One has not been allowed to include foul language and I know this because I have been banned for using the 'f' word and have had posts pulled for using the 's' word amongst others.

Suddenly we are surrounded by a bunch of PC, liberal, socialist weenies

My guess is that that shot in the dark missed its mark. I've had posts FA'd by right wing, conservative weenies for including a letter like say 'f' followed by three asterisks.

The whole Averagjoe thing certainly had nothing to do with liberals and more to do originally with people who were genuninly offended by his posts. Why poeple like yourself don't understand that is beyond me.

Averagjoe posted film of people being actually killed several times along with a humorous comment - as long as it was a non-American tons of people recce'd it.

For what it's worth, to view such material on You-Tube you have to go through an age verification process. That doesn't exist here, but perhaps, instead of all throwing your arms up in despair that Averagjoe isn't oposting here any more you might try introducing something like that to TMF.

But no, half of you are throwing yourselves off the precipice like lemmings whilst the other half are blaming 'liberals' and PA for your hero's demise. I don't know what PA has to do with it because the only posters from PA who posted here that I know of: LifeForceDance and wzambon were both Averagejoe fans.

For the record, I didn't FA Averagjoe's posts and I found some to be humurous, others not. But it was easy to see why some people just didn't appreciate the surprises. No warnings, no "NWS" notices - just some title, link to a film on his site and that film proved to contain some nudity or violence.

Now TMF banned him for a few days and HE chose not to come back - don't go blaming PA, liberals or TMF for the situation - he has total control over it and if you guys stopped wailing about the doomed situation of HURL and actually posted something funny for a change, HURL would be back to what it once was, which is a source of amusement to everyone, not just a select few.
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