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Subject:  Re: Complaint to postal service Date:  1/27/2008  1:02 PM
Author:  NWAScaper Number:  164 of 166

Why? What's the benefit to the false complainer?

I really have no idea. Some people are just like that. I've had people complain that I didn't stop at their mailbox when they had NO outgoing or incoming mail. They just thought I should stop anyway. I've had people complain that I've pulled their mail when their mailbox has become so full that no other mail would fit. Sometimes people just have a bad day and think they need to take it out on me.

Which sends the message to employees that they can continue this bad practice with impunity.

Yup. Unfortunately, there are bad carriers. But, I think most are good, hardworking folk who want to get you your mail.

Those events happened many decades ago, but the message I took away is that even honest postal workers are discouraged from putting in an honest day's work. (And that discouraging takes the form of a very real threat of physical violence.) Is it your position that this kind of stuff doesn't happen any more?

I dunno, I would hope not. But, I work the rural craft, not city, so we have a completely different way of doing things. We get paid a base salary no matter how long it takes us to deliver the mail. For example, I get paid 8 hours a day, 6 days a week on my route. Whether it takes me 40 hours or 60 hours to deliver the mail, I get paid 48. City carriers, however, have very strict time standards. They must stand in line to clock in at a certain time, take break at a certain time, and have scan points along their route that they must scan in a certain time. If they are early, they are supposed to wait until that time to scan the box. They are severely micromanaged.

I do know that on the rural side, substitute carriers are often chastised for going too fast, because if a route is carried too quickly over the year, it becomes more heavily scrutinized and hours can potentially be lost. It is not that the substitutes or regular carriers are not carrying the mail in the same way, but rather that regular carriers are required to do all the upkeep on a route, which adds to their daily time.
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