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Subject:  Introducing The Jester Capital Date:  2/27/2008  5:35 PM
Author:  TMFHollywoodDan Number:  3 of 16

Hey Fools,

If you're here already, you're either Paul "Selzhanik" Hooper (who beat me to the board I created), or you've been included in the "Friends and Family" launch of this new Foolish multimedia magazine. As I write this post, we're adding an "About" link to the site, and I think this does a good job of laying some concrete in terms of the "Why" of TJC...

If CAPS was just an amorphous mass of information, a cold, calculating number crunching machine, it would be an extremely useful tool for investors looking to beat the market. But CAPS is something more. Much more. Here in CAPS, Fools from around the world, and from every class, religion and color, work together to promote excellence and steer clear of incompetence and fraud. We both help and protect each other. This X factor, this human touch, more than any other quality, makes this community worthy of being called “The World’s Greatest Investment Community.” Honoring the contributions of the people who make this slogan ring true is what The Jester Capital is all about.

The goal is to create an extremely simple, clear, fun way for CAPS-playing Fools to get the very best community generated content. And to add on a whole bunch of amusement. I also hope to radically enhance the quality of communication between those who work tirelessly to make the CAPS product world-class, and those that contribute their time to the cause of "community intelligence." This board should be a great, informal community town square, or giant virtual water cooler where we hang out, kick around ideas and make CAPS as fun and enjoyable as it can possibly be.

For those that don't know me, I am a comedy writer and I play to the "Amuse" section of our mission statement. I came to Fooldom after a massive personal financial blunder and turned my own fortunes around entirely by sticking to Foolish principles. I spent years ranting, goofing around and joking with Fools on the message boards, subbed to RB, HG and SA and I still read all of the newsletters cover-to-cover. I consider myself a regular Joe Fool. TJC is sorta like the comedy version of "Bridge over Troubled Water."

All in all, I am, like that old wig man used to say, "not only the president, but also a client."

Let us know what you think, what you want - and we'll always try to make it happen. Thanks a lot for coming. Here's to years and years of great content, great conversations and massive, massive profits.


Managing Editor
The Jester Capital
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