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Subject:  successful transplants in the US Date:  3/3/2008  11:34 AM
Author:  HOGridin Number:  252 of 261
"Interesting video on Ford's super efficient Brazilian plant. It would be a model for North America, but the UAW finds it unacceptable.

I suspect (but don't know) that we'll see more plants built off shore and more plants closed in North America over time, partly due to of common ground.

You mean like these guys, non-union and built the premier Honda GoldWing in Ohio. But since China is a lot closer to Japan, US sale-spawned profits and investment dollars are finding their way back to Japan. And this is labors fault?

How about a different twist, if only in part?

There is an economic & industrial reality that US industry expanded in the 1950's and '60's. This created both the largest collection of wealth building industries & companies of the modern era. It also spawned the greatest spending group, the humongous Baby Boomers. That funded the huge affluent middle class in America, the target of many of those new industries.

While pan Europe, Japan, China and Russia struggled with leveled cities, bombed out factories and just rebuilding (often with American contractors, our seed money and US-made equipment) infrastructure to support moderate living and necessities, our standard of living, our universities, our health care all soared. Productivity of the US worker is still world leading, albeit growth has slowed of late. And new economies, energy supported economies in South America, developing nations like Vietnam and India where labor is un-naturally low, now challenge our companies to remain domestic in focus.

Even our banking industry will falter when the wealth generation is off-shore.

It seems the only title US citizens can still lay claim to is soldier and consumer. Even our countrymen on this board seem to agree on that.

So is this the future of this country? - soldiers, investors and WalMart greeters?

IS that the future you want for your children? You better have them taking Chinese, Hindu or Russian language then. It's a long commute too.

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