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Subject:  Re: Changing cars (or not)? Date:  3/4/2008  3:44 AM
Author:  DrBooa Number:  269073 of 312293

"....I have a lot of respect for how many details DM has been willing to share and how gracefully she's handled the heat from people who would have different priorities."


Your comments are certainly all true but we can't all do a complete history search before making comments.
This and other threads would come to a complete halt.

Maybe, just maybe, the best advice could be an instantaneous,impulsive analysis by a passer-by.
Even *if* seemingly inappropriate, the impulsive comment should not be totally disregarded as it is part of the composite of a thread and could spark a better idea from another member. Don't just assume it was malicious.
Solid suggestions based on experiences as well as "brainstorming" both have their place in an analysis.(But I could be wrong and often am.)

I grant you, it is possible that the best advice could be an off-the-cuff, instantaneous comment from someone who's done no analysis or reflected on the problem for any length of time. (I do not think it is at all *probable*, but it is just barely *possible*.)

But today was not that day for Caffiend. :-)

And I agree, malice should not be assumed. We should endeavor to follow Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by ignorance.

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