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Subject:  Re: Showing off an FO Date:  3/26/2008  10:22 PM
Author:  isewquilts2 Number:  6642 of 7388

Lovely sweater, Pam!

I just had to laugh reading your story about the pattern book, putting it back on the shelf, and then having it haunt you until you went back to get it. I can SO relate--I've had that happen to me too many times to count with a quilt pattern or fabric. You'd think I'd learn by now...I can't even tell you the lengths I have gone to find something I neglected to purchase when I had the opportunity. My friends all know me well enough to warn me when I get "that look" when we're at a quilt shop--"you'd better get it or you'll be so sorry..."
I hate it when a hobby-something haunts you and keeps you awake at night, and you just know that if you don't get it NOW, you will regret it for the rest of your life!

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