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Subject:  Re: Seder meal, Christian home Date:  4/8/2008  12:11 PM
Author:  elann Number:  16847 of 22970

Not really. A gentile -- even one hosting Jewish guests -- has zero obligation regarding chometz. For that matter, a gentile can bring his own chometz into a Jewish home, though as a practical matter, most Jews I know wouldn't be comfortable with the idea. But I actually know of a case where a Jewish business owner asked his rav about his gentile employees bringing in their lunch during pesach, and the rav said there's no problem, because the Jew won't own, posess, or derive benefit from that chametz.

Every year there are resort hotels and cruise ships that host seders, under strict rabbinical supervision, and they aren't required to divest themselves of chametz (unless they are Jewish-owned).

Interesting. But what if a non-Jew brings chametz into your home and then leaves crumbs on your floor or leftovers on your table. They in effect become yours. Doesn't that contradict the whole idea of bi'ur chametz, or do you regard that as just a ceremony?

So if they're not providing the food… no problem.

I presumed that the dinner would be eaten on the host's plates using her silverware. Wouldn't that be a problem?

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