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Subject:  Re: Seder meal, Christian home Date:  4/8/2008  2:10 PM
Author:  stevenjklein Number:  16860 of 23023

That's a bad example. If you returned someone's jacket he would thank you. If you returned his crumbs to him he would be insulted.

I don't pasken halacha according to how some gentile might interpret my actions. The crumbs are his. If there was some reason he needed to eat at my house, I'd ask him to eat outside, weather permitting. Otherwise, I'd spread newspapers or a disposable tablecloth out, and offer to throw his crumbs away when he's done.

But perhaps I'm interpreting it all differently from you. It's all for show anyway, isn't it?

No, it's not.

If you can have Chametz in your cupboard and pretend that you've sold it all to a goy

No pretending is involved. It's a legally binding sale, and furthermore, I also rent the cabinets to that goy, so it's his chometz in his cabinets.

According to Rav Vikipedia:
Some rabbis will encourage the non-Jew to visit the Jewish homes where his chametz is stored during the holiday, and make use of some of it, to make clear to the sellers that the chametz has genuinely been sold to the non-Jew.

I'm curious why you, Elan, who make such a big deal out of your lack of interest in halacha consider yourself such an expert on mechirat chometz? So much so that you bring it up time and again. Have you studied any of the relevant writings?

This article explains, in detail, why mechirat chometz is permissible:

You may find it helpful.

But for someone who rejects the validity of halacha to tell Orthodox Jews we're doing it wrong makes about as much sense as an atheist telling Christians they don't know how to celebrate x-mas.
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