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Subject:  Re: Daugher Newly Diagnosed Date:  4/11/2008  2:15 PM
Author:  viuldb1 Number:  1602 of 2920

"I just mainly replied to the "only have to test sugar" part of your post. Multiple shots I believe should be a requirement of any Type I regiment these days"

that's right, and wrong. as in my first post, if you are on injectables then you have one very slow acting "basal" insulin like levemir, which you should stick two times a day. that's the "right" part, 2 = "multiple".

the "wrong part" was a possibly implied contention that you must do an injection mid-day, to wit: you also have a fast-acting insulin, like humalog (lys-pro), needed for when you eat carbs. you are only going to inject that if you eat carbs. so, if she doesn't eat carbs for lunch, she doesn't need to inject while at school.

the two slow acting injections can be done before school and in the evening. in fact, if she did not eat any carbs all day, and her blood sugars are fine, she need not do any injections of the fast acting insulin all day long.

i hope this is clear.
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