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Subject:  Re: Expelled Date:  5/5/2008  9:36 AM
Author:  centromere Number:  14537 of 26642

You need to translate your posts into doofus talk so they can be understood.

Oh they are understood. Integrity just doesn't matter.

I don't think it is a surprise that these assertions of bias against IDists, all of which involve supposed grievous violations of civil rights and free speech, are not being pursued legally, at least to my knowledge. That would require following rules of evidence and actually having to prove the allegations with facts.

Much easier to wage the battle via web sites where all you need are allegations and innuendo.

Congressman Souder claims to have uncovered this terrible injustice being inflicted on Sternberg. So what does he do? Urge a larger investigation? Involve the justice department? Try to get to the bottom of this vast anti-ID conspiracy?

None of the above. Nothing as far as I can see. It is all simply a PR campaign.

What afterall is Sternberg complaining about? He decided to publish a highly controversial paper and has become controversial. What exactly did he expect? He decided to publish a paper that the vast majority of scientists and all of his colleagues do not consider to be science, and he became unpopular with his colleagues. Again, what did he expect?
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