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Subject:  Re: Expelled Date:  5/5/2008  3:05 PM
Author:  NigelGlitter Number:  14541 of 27171

I don't think it is a surprise that these assertions of bias against IDists, all of which involve supposed grievous violations of civil rights and free speech, are not being pursued legally, at least to my knowledge. That would require following rules of evidence and actually having to prove the allegations with facts.

One does not have to travel far to see how poorly Free Speech is understood. Just visit TMF's own Censorship & Board Admin Issues and you'll be treated to a plethora of cries about how TMF violates posters First Right Amendments.

When the US government starts shutting down religious publications, I'll start listening to the claims.

Doofus Speak translation:

I have the constitutional right to say or write whatever I want, any place, and at anytime. The fact that I am not a constitutional lawyer and am not conversant in constitutional law is just as irrelevant as the fact that I am not a scientist and not conversant in the topics I'm telling you you know nothing about. My religious leader talks to god, and god made you, so he's smarter than you.

Please don't ever insult my intelligence again because when you do, you insult not only my religious beliefs, but god himself. The first is rude and classless, the second is a guaranteed fast track ride to eternal damnation.
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