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Subject:  Re: Could your retirement survive this? Date:  5/8/2008  2:08 PM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  13012 of 22143

Your imagination is running wild again. Are you off your meds?

Ad-hom attack. But that's what substitutes for discussion when you're a liberal and have no answer.

Is it my imagination that Obama said he would raise the dividend tax from 15% to one's marginal rate? Or that he said he would raise the cap gains tax from 15% to as high as 28%? Or that he would raise the cap on paying SS taxes to some unspecified height?

I don't pay SS taxes but that other stuff will ding me good. He said he won't raise taxes on anyone making under $200k, but I bet he was talking about tax on income, not on cap gains and divs.

The normal response to taxes on stuff is that you get less of it. When a luxury tax on yachts was enacted a while back, a lot of boat builders went out of business. That sort of thing. You raise taxes on capital, there's going to be less capital. Less investment, lower asset values. Fewer projects for Gingko. And those of us paying more tax will eat out less, do fewer home repairs, spend fewer weekends away--lost jobs for waiters, handymen and other small businesses. It's gonna hurt the little guy as well as the middle-class guy, the ones the Dems pretend to care about.

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