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Subject:  Re: Poll: The Middle Class Date:  5/8/2008  2:14 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  13013 of 20783

Obama is the one now proposing

a) 39.4% tax rate on dividends (because only the 'rich' get dividends'

b) tax rates up to 39.4% on the 'rich' (translation - anyone making over $100K a year singly or jointly)

c) Raising SS taxes to extend up to infinity.....

Then he proposes

270 billion in new spending programs

and a

mortgage income tax credit....!, this would almost make it worthwhile getting the biggest mortgage you could afford, even if owning your own home outright now...since you would save taxes..a credit is worth a whole lot more than a 'deduction'......

Talk about perverse incentives. Housing prices will skyrocket as people realize they can borrow 50% more, and Obama will pay for it.....
and the 'poor' will be locked out of the housing market since they won't be able to get credit and prices will go up 50%.....

dumb! dumb lib thinking.....nothing but give aways.....

Obviously he needs to implement at least 270 billion in new taxes.

After CA raises taxes 20% to cover their shortfall, there is going to be enough screaming from there....then Obama will add another 15-20% increase to federal taxes to pay for all his give away programs and tell you how great his 'free' healthcare and 'free' mortgage subsidies and 'free' education grants' and 'free' this and that are so good!....

Yes, his tax proposal shows he is a ultra left wing commie type lib.....willing to confiscate the assets and income of anyone who has any and redistribute them to the irresponsible and those that don't have any assets.

Just read his tax plan on his web site.

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