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Subject:  Re: Could your retirement survive this? Date:  5/10/2008  6:28 AM
Author:  Trini209 Number:  13044 of 22171

if I am going to share my "riches", it will be with my family and charities of my choice

Sharing my "riches" with my family is my primary goal in life. We have 6 1/2 grandchildren whose lives and futures we want to enhance. Leaving our money to them is the least of what I want to provide. I hope with all my heart that they'll have the same benefits in life that I've had, which allowed us to retire in relative comfort and security.

I hope that Social Security will still be there for them - it's only part of my income, but it certainly improves my circumstances. I hope that Medicare still exists for them - in the past couple of years I've had two knees replaced, at a total cost of (gasp) about $66,000 EACH, and boy, if we hadn't all paid into the system for all those years I'd probably be in a wheelchair now. I hope that they have clean air to breath - I look at the smog in China's cities and I'm grateful that I have a government that regulates factory and auto emissions. I hope that there's still clean water for them to drink in the future, and I know that without strong government intervention, that won't be possible. I want them to have good and safe roads, bridges, schools, and all the rest of the infrastructure that isn't going to just maintain itself.

Yes, I feel that hard work and careful spending should allow those people who put in the effort, to afford a better retirement and lifestyle than those who coast along contributing nothing, but the divergence between the richer and poorer amongst us has increased, and continues to increase, to a degree that I feel is immoral. Did the Bush administration's tax cuts cause this? Not entirely, of course, but it sure did contribute.

I don't mind the taxes I pay - I'd gladly pay more, if we all, including ME, benefit from them.

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