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Subject:  Re: Could your retirement survive this? Date:  5/10/2008  11:13 AM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  13050 of 22171

Here is my evil side: liberals can call me a selfish bitch, but if I am going to share my "riches", it will be with my family and charities of my choice, not some ne'er-do-well who refuses to keep a job. This country has a dismal education system in the inner cities. There are teachers and schools who have made inroads which should be copied in all the inner city school systems. They don't want to work at it, just keep plugging along, losing the interest of 50% or more of the students.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Your property is your property, and you should be able to do with it as you please.

Democrats are the party of greed. Democrats pretend that they are virtuous, and it is Republicans (or conservatives or libertarians) that are the greedy ones, but the Democrats are the main proponents of taking property that doesn't belong to them by force. They have the gall to criticize those who get their property through voluntary exchange!


MadCap, you are just being silly.
Your property is your property as long as the government doesn't tell you to turn it over. So, in effect, your property is your property at the pleasure of the government of the people who are citizens of this country.

If that government tells you to pay a certain amount, you will either pay it or go to prison. So, of course, you do have a choice. But the choice isn't one you would ever make. I doubt you will ever go to prison for non-payment of your taxes.

Even FollyDolly is just talking "big" she says "if I am going to share my "riches", it will be with my family and charities of my choice, not some ne'er-do-well who refuses to keep a job."

She will share her riches with whomever the government decides she will share them with. And she will do that through her taxes -- or she will also sit in prison (AND share the riches). The choice, of course, is hers. But, just as you will pay, I'm pretty sure she will, too.

So all this squealing and posturing and talking "big" is nothing more than that. You will both pay your taxes -- even though you will both p|ss and moan about it.

And that's something I would put MY hard-eared money on. It's a sure bet.

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