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Subject:  Re: Could your retirement survive this? Date:  5/10/2008  3:21 PM
Author:  Follydolly Number:  13062 of 22143

Somebody who actually believes this tripe must also believe there is no society, there is only the individual, may the most mercenary win.

The statement above sounds a bit like socialism. This country is supposed to be based on capitalism. That is how we got so many great companies. That is how people had enough income to support more companies, research, hiring people to work at those great companies. If I want socialism, I can move to Sweden and be taxed to the hilt so that everyone is comfortable. That may be possible in a small country (although I bet it is getting more difficult as foreigners move in, suffer the cold, but get their free lunch.) I don't believe that socialism will work well here, at least not for me. There is no incentive to work if (1)the government taxes away too much of your earnings. (2)the government gives you a free ride.

AM states that whether I like it or not, the government will tax me and I will pay. True. But I will vote for whomever I think will be most fair. As it is now, I pay an awful lot of taxes. Just you wait till your MRD starts and the shock hits you. I am not complaining, I got lucky with a very good stock market, and now I am paying taxes on it. Okay, I knew that would happen. But I would be more comfortable knowing that when I died, funds that had already been taxed were not going to be taxed again - the dreaded death tax. My children through their own fault, earn very meager salaries. I know they are counting on an inheritance, and I would hate to think if there is anything left, it would be taxed to next to nothing.

We can all see that somewhere along the way, things went awry. Unions got greedy, companies and stockholders got greedy. The world got smaller, everyone wants oil, jobs go overseas and foreigners are happy to work here for pittance and get SS/health benefits on top of it. Mexicans want Spanish spoken in the schools! My family came from overseas, we learned English immediately.

Humpty Dumpty is falling off the fence, we need some very smart people to catch him. I don't see Obama or Hillary doing the saves. Don't know about McCain, he needs to surround himself with very good people.

OAN, is this country utilizing our RR more? I hear the trains go by pretty regularly. Would it not save more oil to ship by RR rather than cross country trucks? Or is that naive?

More drivel from....

~Birgit who has to cut the lawn before it rains on Mommy's Day. The hell with them all, I am going to a dog show.
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