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Subject:  Re: Could your retirement survive this? Date:  5/10/2008  5:14 PM
Author:  Follydolly Number:  13068 of 22849

And the far-right's view is?
Is the far-right's view that it is YOUR money and the government has to ask you for it?

Actually, my city and state governments do have to ask. People vote on tax increases. As for Federal government, the people elect representatives to vote for them in the House of Representative and the Senate. The President and staff are supposed to keep us safe from enemies.

Even though the government is the one with all the tanks and guns? Tanks and guns, by the way, that the far-right is always HAPPY to pay for?

Hello, we need tank, and guns, ships and planes to keep us safe from the other countries/terrorists who have the same.

In what reality do you live that you don't see that the government has the power here?

The law has power. Our government is supposed to be run by the people, for the people. Not at the people, although sometimes it does seem that way. We do not live in a dictatorship AM. We can impeach, we can fire. And we do not have to vote for those who want to give away the store.

That is all I'm pointing out. You live in a nation that has a government. That government has instituted a tax system and you, as a citizen, are expected to pay into that tax system if you want to remain free to move about and enjoy the country.

You are correct. We have a government. IMO, the less government we have the better, leave the governing to the states where the people have more control.

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