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Subject:  Re: Could your retirement survive this? Date:  5/10/2008  6:19 PM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  13073 of 22172

The law has power. Our government is supposed to be run by the people, for the people. Not at the people, although sometimes it does seem that way. We do not live in a dictatorship AM. We can impeach, we can fire. And we do not have to vote for those who want to give away the store.

No, we don't live in a dictatorship -- though under Bush it has come up just short. If we could impeach, why haven't we done it? Ah well... that's another subject.

We have a representative government. And so far your representatives have voted that we shall have taxes and those taxes will go to pay for things you, personally, might not like. Tough noogies on you. And on me. There are lots of things my taxes pay for that I don't like. The war in Iraq for just one starter "thing".

And you are correct -- you don't have to vote for people who are in favor of taxation. Find one who is not - then you can vote for that one.

The reality is that, so far, no one has taken to the streets with torches and pitchforks in protest of our taxes. The government -- that means you and me -- have decided (through our mostly fairly-elected representatives) that we will pay taxes. And until there is a revolution or somebody runs for office with a lobotomy (and wins) we will continue to have taxes.

If you don't like the taxes here, try somewhere else. See if you like the taxes there any better.

The problem I see with you and MadCap and others is that the reality is staring you right in the face and you are doing nothing but railing against it. Like knocking your head into a concrete wall over and over and over. It's not going to change the fact that if the IRS says "pay", you are going to pay. And I am going to pay. I don't find paying taxes fun, believe me. But I am bright enough to know that they are necessary. And I do have a heart big enough to know that some people need help and that our taxes should go to helping them.

To leave people in the streets with no help is to invite revolution of a sort that I doubt even you would want to see.

All in all... we have a pretty good system here.
And it will, of course, be a whole lot better when we can get that batch of criminals out who make up the current administration.

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