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Subject:  Re: Could your retirement survive this? Date:  5/11/2008  10:13 AM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  13078 of 22172

Actually, you're quite incorrect. One of Bush's most ardent critics w/respect to military spending has been Ron Paul. He was undoubtedly regarded as the most "right wing" of the candidates. The difference between Paul's opposition to Bush's extravagant spending and military interventionism and that of the left is that Paul's opposition is based on principle. That principle is precisely that government can't, or shouldn't be able to, take your tax money to do any darn thing it wants, just because it might have the power to do so. Therefore Paul's opposition to the war must be respected, even if one might disagree with it, because it is based on principle. The left, as exemplified by yourself, opposes Bush and the war, but that opposition is not based on any well-defined principle, if any at all. That's why all the criticism by the left here at TMF is of the "I hate Bush/Worst Prez ever" ad hominem variety.

Wrong again. Our opposition is based on the principle that Iraq never attacked us. Iraq did nothing at all to provoke an attack by this country. Bush was dancing around with ants in his pants - eager to blow something and somebody up in Iraq. He's an impotent little dictator with the IQ of a snail. So far he has maimed, killed, and destroyed the lives of thousands upon thousands of human beings who have done nothing to this country. I oppose the war in Iraq because it is morally wrong and should have been beneath the dignity of the United States. Iraqis are human beings. And I believe that is a principled stance.

If indeed you truly believe that, because government has the raw power, then it can do anything it wants with your tax dollars, then you AM in fact are a supporter of the war in Iraq, because your Democratic Congress is spending your tax dollars on that war.

Exactly. At last you got SOMETHING right. The government does have the power. If you don't think so, I challenge you not to pay your taxes. Go ahead. Let me know how it works out. Show us all how brave you are to stand up to the IRS and the United States government. We are all eager to watch the outcome of such bravery. Of course you will do this, right? Because you believe the government does not have the "raw power to do anything it wants with your tax dollars." Correct?

And that's why the Democrats have not ended the war, as they surely have the power to do. They are not opposed to it for principle's sake; they mouth opposition to it for pure political expediency. The war is simply a tool with which they can attempt to win the next electoral cycle.

I'm afraid you don't know a whole lot, do you? The democrats barely have a majority. They cannot override vetos -- and on the war they don't even have the traitorous and scuzzy little Lieberman on their side. So they don't have the power to end this war. And if you would pull your head out of of the dark you would realize that.

The question which you don't address is, by what set of first principles does the body politic determine the extent of governmental power over that populace? The "right" [as you call it] believes in the fundamental notions of private property and limited governmental power. The left [as typified by you] believes that absolute power is an end in itself, and is its own justification. I don't believe the left's view is a principled view. I also don't believe the left's view is economically rational, so it's not a practical view, either. If people are overly-taxed they will lose incentives to be as productive as possible; similarly, if other people are under-taxed [i.e. receive transfer payments etc.] they also have a negative incentive to be maximally productive in an economic sense.

Now you are talking jibberish again. While you may have some notion of what YOU believe, you obviously don't have a clue what I or the "left" believes. But, of course, you have made up your mind and that's that.

There is no obligation that one pay taxes to have freedom of movement in our country. However there probably are such obligations in totalitarian states ["your papers!"]

Again, I challenge you to NOT pay your taxes. Let's just see how long you are able to move about the country -- or move about, period. Let's see how long it takes before the IRS comes and takes your car, your house, your investments -- your freedom. Are you willing to back up what you are saying by refusing to pay your taxes? (Actually, I'm pretty sure you are not that brave -- I doubt any bravery from you at all, actually.)

It's interesting that you're afraid of being labeled a "leftist," and wish to claim authority as a "centrist." The "center" of American politics is occupied by those bitter, bible-thumping gun-clinging white working-class folks in Pennsylvania who go down to the local bar for a shot and a beer [Hillary], then go bowling [Obama]. Do you feel you have anything in common with those folks? If not, then you're not in the "center."

Once again you are making stuff up. You just don't have a clue. Call me leftist all you like. I'll wear it like a badge. Your statement above merely shows that you are shaking in your boots over the prospects of a democratic president. Be still my foolish heart! It makes me want to dance.

And please! Keep us informed how long the IRS lets you move about the country after you refuse to pay your taxes. I'm pretty sure it can take a while. But when that while is up.... let me know which prison to send your Xmas card to, ok? I'm sure you will take this challenge, because after all you believe the government doesn't have the power.

You are a hoot.
You have no idea.

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