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Subject:  Re: Great interview with non-selectionist Date:  5/11/2008  7:41 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  14622 of 27171

Wow, you Creationist sure have had to back-pedal a lot . . . As far as what this person actually says about natural selection, it's pure balderdash. He argues briefly about spiral growth patterns in flowers and leaves being "nonrandom," as if that were somehow significant, rather than the direct results of steady growth. And then he has the gall to try and imply god by mentioning spiral galaxies and mineral formations - as if those required exact placement, rather than simple physics.


You need to turn down the sensitivity on your creationist detector. This guy is no creationist, and he's not implying any kind of "god" in the whole article. Did his statement about hating creationists not register?

You may note I don't say "other scientists." Neither Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini or Jerry Fodor is a biologist. Piattelli-Palmarini is a psychologist, and Fodor is a "philosopher." Neither does anything remotely resembling science in respect to evolution.

He's discussing the work of "the many, many biologists in many countries who have contributed to the new rich panorama we have today of non-selectionist biological mechanisms", kind of like what a science reporter would do. Do you gripe about the lack of credentials when some science writer writes soothing tomes about natural selection? I think not.

And what "science" has Richard Dawkins done in the last few decades? He hasn't done anything remotely resembling science in a long time.

No biologist talks about "body forms" as if there's something special about gross changes. It's Creationist-speak.

Baloney. You and Jim need to read up on the "7 Arguments That Evolution Supporters Should Never Use".

From here, the "denial" is all on the part of the Creationists, who desperately deny all available evidence in order to satisfy their religious views.

Strange how none of the people mentioned in the article are creationists.

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