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Subject:  Re: Skeptic Mag on Global Warming Date:  5/21/2008  12:01 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  14743 of 27171

I see DNA and I know man did not make it.


You may have to revise that:


I hate to hoist you on your own petard here Bryan, but as you stated, replicating is not the same as originating. Man did not create DNA.

Man has the ability to manipulate DNA, and probably create new DNA that has never existed before. I won't argue with you on whether this is creating DNA (humans certainly didn't create the first DNA on earth, you're right about that).

My point is, we know that intelligent agents, at least as intelligent and technologically advanced as humans, can do this. So there is no good reason, from a technological perspective, to say that intelligent agents couldn't have created the original DNA on earth.

You argue passionately that we can't know of the work of intelligent agents unless we meet the agents themselves and can study them. This is clearly wrong.

If you were able to travel to another solar system, to an Earth-like planet, and found the rusting remains of machinery unlike any you've ever seen on earth, you'd be justified in concluding that an intelligent agent made them, even though (in this story) the agents are long gone.

Nature produces incredibly complex designs on a humongous scale all the time.

Replication is not the same as origination. I thought we settled that.
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