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Subject:  Re: Skeptic Mag on Global Warming Date:  5/21/2008  2:53 PM
Author:  centromere Number:  14748 of 27171

My point is, we know that intelligent agents, at least as intelligent and technologically advanced as humans, can do this. So there is no good reason, from a technological perspective, to say that intelligent agents couldn't have created the original DNA on earth.

If all you are suggesting is that it is possible for an unknown intelligence to have created life, the universe, DNA, or anything else one wants to include...well that is hardly controversial.

The point in question though is whether there is any empirical evidence for intelligent design. That is what is controversial. You've made the assertion that DNA is evidence of intelligent design because:

1. DNA is "specific", though you haven't defined the difference between "specific" and "non-specific" DNA. Paul Davies has demonstrated that DNA strands of the same length carry about the same amount of information regardless of sequence, so you'll have to explain what you mean by specific and why it matters.

2. DNA is "complex", though again you haven't define what you mean by the term and why complexity suggests intelligence. An irregular shaped stone is mathematically more complex to describe than a perfectly spherical object, yet most would probably consider the latter to be more likely to be artificial than the former.

3. DNA is only known to be made by humans. Yet DNA predates humans. Humans didn't originate or create DNA, we simply are using and manipulating something found in nature. How this can be construed as an argument supporting the intelligent origin of DNA escapes me.

So your assertion that DNA supports ID doesn't seem to make much sense.
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