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Subject:  Re: Help! medicare costs more than regular insur Date:  7/1/2008  11:27 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  13591 of 20793

<<Actually, based on what I've read over the past several years, it would seem a virtual certainty that Medicare will go under within the near future unless at least 50% of the folks who receive it pay close to full price for the coverage. Virtually everyone in the Middle Class will have to pay almost the same as they would have paid for private insurance in order to keep Medicare solvent for those below. As for the so-called wealthy, they will have to pay full freight plus a premium to help offset the loses. >>

Yep, I agree. The newly introduced Medicare means testing is just the Camel's nose under the tent, and Angel May can expect to get her wish to pay surcharges like that too.

<<For anyone to talk of national health insurance without first figuring out how to make Medicare solvent is just plain fantasy.

I've always supposed that one reason for the interest in national health insurance is that it would allow the failures and liabilities of Medicare to be rolled into a new system and disquised.

Isn't that why the carney man has three walnut shells and one pea?

Seattle Pioneer
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