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Subject:  Re: Brinker Still Advising GNMA funds Date:  7/17/2008  12:31 AM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  1068 of 1109

Bob Brinker opens virtually every show that he hosts with a recoup of the past week's market. So to say that he "missed" the current downturn is a bit of a stretch. He's reported every step down.

Bravo, that's like telling me yesterday's weather. Why would anyone pay for that?

Jack, the OP was saying that Brinker had "missed" the 20% downward move of the markets. Obviously if Bob was talking about the stock movements he (Brinker) hadn't "missed" them.

Also, I suspect you and Bob Brinker have vastly different investing styles. Brinker's advice is geared toward helping people make long term investments, not trading in and out of the markets every day or week. I believe his Marketimer newsletter has called for people to get in or out of the markets only two or three times in the last nineteen years.

His radio show is free. I don't know how much he charges for his newsletter but, from listening to the show, I suspect he's not giving subscribers advice on jumping in and out of the market on a daily basis. That would be trading and Brinker is a long term buy and hold investor.

You may wonder why I, a non subscriber, would be defending him here. Although I invested in Vanguard GNMAs as a result of hearing Bob Brinker's description of them on the radio, I'm primarily invested in dividend paying US utilities. OK, maybe it's closer to half and half.

I limit my long term buy and hold investments in utilities to a maximum of 1000 shares to spread out my risk. (although two utilities that I hold in DRIP accounts PNY, WTR have gone on to build my investments in them up to over 3000 and over 2000 shares after I stopped investing new money in them.

Brinker doesn't talk about DRIPs on his show, probably because it takes a while to get out of them, if you choose to do so.

Here are some of my favorite DRIPs:

PNY (Been paying a dividend for over 25 years.)
Gives a 5% discount on reinvested dividends in its DRIP plan.)

WTR (A fast growing water utility.)
Gives a 5% discount on reinvested dividends in its DRIP plan.)

(Note that both of these companies require that you be enrolled directly in their DRIP plans to earn the 5% discounts. Pseudo DRIPs through brokerages do NOT count and do not earn the 5% discount on reinvested dividends.)

SO (Been paying a dividend for over 58 years.)
(Southern Company does not use a transfer agent. You enroll directly with the company.)

WRE (Been paying a dividend for over 38 years.)
A REIT centered in Washington DC, it'll have renters as long as we have a government.

You might also want to pick up a current copy of Mergent's Dividend Achievers. It will give you a list of companies that have been paying rising dividends for at least 10 years.

Having picked a stock you want to invest in you could then go to the company's web site via the link in the lower right of this page:
(enter the company's name or ticker symbol at the top)

Then go to the company's web site and look for a link like "Customer Relations" or some such to look for a DRIP.
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