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Subject:  Re: Reconciling Different Money Priorities Date:  8/14/2008  9:40 PM
Author:  ziggy29 Number:  276966 of 312293

>> ziggy29,

You wrote, And that New York isn't a community property state.

But can't she require alimony? (Texas is one of the few states where that's not generally an option.)

I hate to admit it, but unless nycinsanity used a prenuptial agreement, divorce probably means she can have her $2,000+ spending allowance and still go out and find herself a sugar daddy without having nycinsanity cramping her "style".

Yes, BUT:

Your honor, I put her through school by allowing her to pursue her goals on the back of my labor.

Your honor, we don't have any children to support.

Your honor, I made the lion's share of the income and she spent the lion's share of it.

Your honor, the earning power she has now and for the rest of her life was because of my willingness to support her and to assume the responsibility of paying for the education that made her earning power possible -- which may not have been possible if I didn't allow her to pursue it while I worked to support us.

I think a reasonable judge might give some alimony, but not a heck of a lot, and probably not for a long time.

This all assumes the situation really is as we've heard it, since there are always two sides to a story.

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