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Subject:  Re: An article for everyone Date:  8/20/2008  10:36 PM
Author:  AcmeFool Number:  1441 of 1738

Apparently, you did not understand that part.

So after insulting me, now you are going to tell me what I do and do not understand? Classic.

I understood your point the first time you made it. I understood it the 5th time. And I understood it this time. But that does not change the FACT that many of us like seeing the volleyball coverage -- men's and women's; indoor and beach. I use the NUMEROUS other feeds that NBC provides to get my fix on events not shown in prime time.

Most people are able to be civil on a board like this; given your insults, I have to conclude you are not in that group.

I notice women's rowing has received just about zero coverage.

Uh, wrong. NBC showed about 2 hours worth of rowing this weekend. Most of that coverage was women's rowing. They also showed extensive coverage earlier in the games (during the preliminary heats before the repechage). But don't let the FACTS get in your way.

Or maybe kayaking?

Again, they gave this a good chunk of coverage over the weekend.

Or maybe tennis.

I guess having a separate channel that showed HOURS AND HOURS of tennis coverage is not enough.

My complaint is...


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