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Subject:  Re: Maybe financial crisis could have been worse Date:  9/19/2008  11:17 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  14000 of 21598

<<I can just imagine the panic among the financially uneducated, which includes a few management types I know along with a lot of low level hourly employees. Seeing the financial market meltdown and knowing your retirement money was going with it. There would be blood in the streets. Just one more reason I think we need to fix, not dismantle, SS, and soon. Bush wasted 8 years because he drew a line in the sand. Whoever the next President is, he needs to open a meaningful discussion and get something done. SS had problems when Bush took office but they could have been fixed with minor adjustments. The longer we wait the more drastic the fix will have to be.


I suppose "The fix" you are talking about means raising taxes.

Personally, I'd say Bush has had 8 yearsd of success with Social Security because he didn't raise taxes, and proposed alternatives to a currently greatly underfinanced system.

And then there is Medicare, which makes the finances of Lehman Brothers look like a "buy."

Seattle Pioneer
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