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Subject:  Re: "DaVinci's Inquest" ... Date:  10/5/2008  6:54 PM
Author:  notablelaggard Number:  159 of 167

If you browse around and read through some of the boards on DaVinci's Inquest, or if you go to netflix and read what the viewers say or to Amazon for their reviews, you'll see a LOT of people noting that they love the fact that it is so much more realistic than, say, NYPD Blue in so far as it depicts something closer to the actual facts of trying to decipher events and track down evidence and put the right people behind bars despite the frustrations that the actual numbers on such things are MUCH lower than the CSI's would have us believe. There is CLEARLY a formula for screenwriters beginning with the leftovers of a murder, then little breakthrough after breakthrough to the chocolate coated conclusion of a perp heading off to their unhappy future behind bars. C'mon! Do we *really* want to see this wet dream over and over and over again! Again, just aNOTHER reason why DI is so good.
It is, btw, a 'true story' of the life of a famous 'coroner turned DA' in Vancouver who was quite a character. Many of the story lines are supposedly from those occuring during his career.
And I agree with you about Vancouver ... it really 'photographs well' and makes a spectacular backdrop to the show. And I'm absolutely mesmerized by the bluesy ending music with the shot of the bridge in deeeeep blue. exquisite. There's even a dvd out of music from the show.

Glad somebody here gave it a peek!
Now I can stop banging the drum so obnoxiously -

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