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Subject:  HowardRoark, our lonely nation turns its eyes to Date:  10/9/2008  1:05 AM
Author:  soldat48OO Number:  34837 of 42151


It's been several years (actually around 8) since I've posted at the Fool. The reasons involve certain contretempts with the Spanish ambassador's wife and a need to cleanse my chakras in the desert (and I got kicked out, but the business about women far above my station, idiotic eastern medical theories and obscure references to the messiah have that French thing that I can never spell correctly - je ne sais quoi or something liek that).

Anyway, I've managed to hold onto most of my money (I'm actually way up having discovered QID late in life) and am realizing that there are vast fortunes to be made in the next few months (though buying 300 shares of PFG on Monday was probably not the foundation of a family fortune rivaling the Kennedy's).

So, HowardRoark (and thanks for culling me from your Favorite Fools) where the heck are things going? It's pretty clear to me that vast numbers of 55 to 63-year-old baby boomers could be, one by one, capitulating and selling every security they own so as to provide the minimal return on investment they need to support a lifestyle that doesn't include mortgage payments on $32,000 (purchased circa 1973) split level single family homes in the suburbs - suburbs in which their youngest child graduated from high school in 2001.

It's also clear to me that many of these 55 to 63-year-old baby boomers could be listening to their "financial advisors" and staying the course - as the S&P 500 has reliably returned 15% per annum (+/- 10%) over the past 7 decades and there's no reason to think that it won't continue to return similar gains over the next 7 decades.

I think there's no chance that Technical Analysis will work at present because (and this is amusing) things are different today. What we require is sound judgment. And, when I think sound judgment, I think HowardRoark (and I'm not thinking Ann Rynd).

So, sorry to bring this up on Yom Kippur (being a reformed Jew myself - Baptist vis Catholic via Jesus via Abraham, I sympathize with a religion that says its sorry once a year) but I'm dying to know your thoughts.


PS: Oh, and sorry about the Yanks. You probably won't have to wait until 2082.
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