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Subject:  Re: I find it interesting.... Date:  10/12/2008  12:10 AM
Author:  Starrob Number:  443 of 5166

I am not about to argue with you but I have seen more predictions from you than that. I do not have time to go through all the back posts on particular stocks and situations (I am currently on a ship...a very modern one as we have internet connection...We are on the way to Salvador, Brazil right now) and even if I did have time I probably would not do so.

I still maintain if one is so confident in their predictions that they would proceed accordingly.

Making calls is easy....the ones that work can be trumpeted. The ones that don't work....Well, you can hope people either forget them or you are happy that you never posted them for people to remind you that you are human and it is highly probable that you make less than 100% accurate calls on the market.

I still maintain that a person that can make 100% accurate calls would not be hanging around the Fool sharing that information.....and if they could then why did they not act on all this information themself???

"Should have sold the rest too."

If you had full confidence in the prediction then you would have sold the rest. No one has full confidence in their predictions....not even the Oracle of Omaha.

While Buffett is extraordinarily talented.....He is also lucky too. No way to prove it but I still maintain that there are people that could study Buffett's methods Ad Nauseum and try to put those methods in to effect and not be nearly as succesful. Some might downright fail at it and probably many already have.

There are intangibles to what Buffett does. If there was not then everyone could invest like him but obviously everyone can not.

Buffett is extra ordinarily lucky, most especially in his early investing years. I like to sometimes study guys like Buffett..and....another example is Napoleon Hill. What was the difference between Napoleon Hill and a million other guys starting out the same way. A lot of people study Napoleon Hill's methods and are less than succesful at it.

Did you know that Napoleon Hill once claimed some sucess at predicting the future. I think it was Napoleon Hill that claimed that he could always find the closest parking place at the place he was going by just thinking about it. He claimed always.....Me...I have limited success with this expirement.

If you can predict the future then why mess around. Act on it....100%....Why fool around or even FOOL around???

That is what I would be doing.......

As for Commodities...LOL....I still maintain we are in a commodities Bull Market. I say this is a correction in a ongoing commodities bull market. It just all depends on your point of view or your time frame. My time frame is longer than just this year. The commodity bull market will run for awhile yet.

As a matter of fact...after this so called demand destruction is finished you can expect a little there is a prediction for you but I don't maintain to be 100% accurate but I do listen a bit to this guy who is far more accurate than most but usually does not give time frames because few are accurate in the short term:
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