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Subject:  Re: 529 in NY, OR or AZ Date:  10/12/2008  1:50 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  7513 of 8565

affordablemagic: "I may not be the quickest out of the gate, but while my daughter is still in her 21st month I'd like to get this 529 savings plan rolling.

My main focus is clearly a good return, low-costs and as many tax breaks now and then as possible.

I'm currently in NY, but own properties in OR and AZ. I suppose I could call any of them my place of residents."

I suppose not.

"Any suggestions on the 'best' plans to look at? Is there a board favorite. I'm sure this is a tired old question asked many times, but any equally old answers will do. :)"

The plans keep changing, and much depends upon your state or residence.

Two excellent sites for doing research (Joe Hurley, the originator of this site, formerly posted on this board [years ago], and he has since sold the URL)

I have posts on this oard from when I did my research; when finally chose Utah's plan (in part because there are no state income tax benefits in Texas).

Regards, JAFO
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