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Subject:  Re: Do Deeper Principles Underlie Quantum Uncert Date:  10/27/2008  12:16 PM
Author:  jctaylorucsd Number:  533 of 5166

Quantum theory is an interesting approach ... when the science was young, quantum theory was embraced much more by the Germans who followed Heisenberg's lead while the US & Britain focused on Einstein's approach. There is a lot of speculation in how this focus made for unique technologies developed by the Germans in WW2 (when it seems the government had money going toward any weapons technology theoretically possible) - and it is also a field of recent breakthroughs in science today.
The uncertainty principle is a favorite with Science Fiction authors like Crichton (Timeline), Rollins (Black Order) and others.
In my opinion, theories in general are just a model to some degree - its a trick of finding which one fits the pattern. I'm sure there is some overlapping mathematically between the Quantum approach, unified field theory, multi-dimensional mathematics, etc but I don't think we can ever choose one or combine them.
Consider some historical examples ... we still learn the Bohr model of the atom even though it is well outdated because it is simple, useful and it describes a lot of empirical patterns fairly well. We still use Newtonian physics and simplified versions of Bernoulli's even though they are subsets of solutions because they are easy and useful.
I'm not going to try to relate this discussion to the markets - just took the bait on discussing something else :)

-John T
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