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Subject:  covered call Date:  12/11/2008  4:53 PM
Author:  Swede46 Number:  5 of 145

I was impressed enough to buy at a 50 to 1 PE. I thought google was overpriced at the IPO. Lesson learned. Sometimes you have to pay for future prospects.

I would like to offer a "conservitive" play with options. I bought at 16.75 before the stock dropped as closing. But I was also able to sell covered calls on my stock. I sold Jan. 2010 25.00 calls for 4.20. That gave me an immediate 25% "dividend" for next year. If you're not optomistic enough to think the stock will go up over 50% in the next year, you might want to consider this play. My ideal world calls for the stock to go up a little less than 50% in a year, giving me the opportunity co consider selling calls again in a year if the option premium looks good.

Most stocks don't offer a good enough permium on options to risk having the stock called from you. An even better opportunity is on CFSG this week. If you are interested, check out my posts this week on the GG CFSG board. I've found close to half of my stock purchases this week offering attractive option premiums for calls 25 to 50% out of the money. I started screening my potential purchased for covered call writing to help me decide on a purchase.

I felt like Warren Buffet this week. Money from my 401K was rolled over to a self directed IRA on Monday. It's been buy, buy, buy. About 10 of the stocks I bought have been GG recs. Thanks, you TMF analysts!!!
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