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Subject:  Re: that was fun. Date:  12/13/2008  3:21 PM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  14310 of 22649

In a Republican world, they are either supposed to die and just get out of everybody else's way -- or they are supposed to go to the nearest church, hat in hand, and beg someone to stop their lives long enough to help them.

In a Democratic world, they would be on Universal Healthcare and would never have to worry about anything except getting well.


I've read some ridiculous posts on this board, but this has got to be right at the top. Good grief.


There is nothing ridiculous about it.
Republicans -- right here on this very board (and other boards at TMF) have expressed EXACTLY the sentiments I listed above. They don't actually CARE about other people. They have theirs -- and everyone else can go to hell. If they have to give up a $ in taxes to help someone else you would think the world is coming to an end.

Democrats would LIKE to see a program of Universal Healthcare for the citizens of this country -- since we look at all people and see them as human beings and not just THINGS in our way to saving a $ in taxes.

Universal Healthcare -- contrary to what teleidiot has to say about it -- doesn't mean that EVERYTHING under the sun is covered... but it does mean that EVERYBODY is covered. No one, under a good plan for Universal Healthcare would ever have to worry about losing their home and everything they've ever worked for just because they get cancer or some other catastrophic disease.

Other nations care much more about their citizens than we, apparently, care about ours. You can squawk all you like. The evidence is out there.

I never mince words. I speak as truthfully as I possibly can.
If you don't like my posts, tough noogies. I don't give a fat rat's patootie. And that's as straight-up as I can say it.

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