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Subject:  Re: that was fun. Date:  12/13/2008  5:03 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  14312 of 20788

AM: "Republicans -- They don't actually CARE about other people. They have theirs -- and everyone else can go to hell. If they have to give up a $ in taxes to help someone else you would think the world is coming to an end."

Hmmmm...class warfare? You didn't mention anything about dems giving up their know, like Biden, you has yet to volunteer to pay more....or Buffet, who mentions what his low tax rate is, but has yet to pony up a dime in extra taxes to help out your plan! Just think, he could probably write a 100 million dollar donation...or pay the health care for folks in the poorest 10 states alone! does he do it??Ha ha..he's a lib dem.....wants OTHERS to pay, not him.

AM: "Democrats would LIKE to see a program of Universal Healthcare for the citizens of this country -- since we look at all people and see them as human beings and not just THINGS in our way to saving a $ in taxes."

And what you forgot to add, is using SOMEONE ELSE'S money to pay for it!.......

AM: "Universal Healthcare -- contrary to what teleidiot has to say about it -- doesn't mean that EVERYTHING under the sun is covered... but it does mean that EVERYBODY is covered."

Show me one gov't plan that doesn't get to be gold plated with mandated things after 10 or 15 years.......they add 'this little thing' and 'that favorite situation' until it staggers under the expense.

Just look to Medicare prescription plan which was severely underfunded from day one, and will be bust in just 10 trillions...

AM: No one, under a good plan for Universal Healthcare would ever have to worry about losing their home and everything they've ever worked for just because they get cancer or some other catastrophic disease."

You magically assume a 100% favorable outcome for every situation. That seldom happens. And if they can't work, you gonna pay the mortgage too so they don't lose their house? Or make their car payments, too?

AM: "Other nations care much more about their citizens than we, apparently, care about ours. "

Other nations tax and tax their citizens......and then with typical government inefficiency provide rationed health care. They don't make house payments or car payments....

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